Vital Parts in a Home to Clear from Rubbish

What are the things you need to do before you move home? Some would say that you must start comparing quotes, looking for free cardboard boxes or reducing the clutter in your current home. We, however, have a better and way more entertaining idea – a pre-move bucket list. Before you get to the actual planning and other pre-relocation preparations, do yourself and everyone around you a big favour by completing all of these steps:

  • Organise a farewell party
  • Reward yourself
  • Explore your neighbourhood for one last time
  • Help those in need
  • Visualise your new home

You do not need to do to these things in this order. You can pick and choose where to start and how to wrap it up. The important thing is to stick to this bucket list and to complete it before you begin to work on your moving checklist. This will help you unwind, recharge and feel excited about what is to come.

Hold a party in your old home

Most farewell parties are organised shortly before the moving day when the house is almost empty or filled with numerous boxes. But this is no way to throw a good party. Neither you nor your guests will feel comfortable if they have to enjoy their drinks standing up or eating out of plastic plates. If your relocation is imminent and you have already found a place to move to, invite your friends over now before all the craziness has started.

Treat yourself

Moving home can be an expensive endeavour. That is probably why many families adopt a very modest lifestyle several months before their house removal in an attempt to save up some extra cash. But living on a shoestring will only make you feel more stressed and agitated than you need to be. To balance things up and to avoid losing your temper during the move itself, reward yourself with a little treat. It does not need to be an expensive one. It could be something as simple as spending an entire weekend in your pyjamas, binge-watching your favourite TV shows. Having a nice meal in a fancy restaurant can also make an excellent treat, especially if you are a foodie. Pick an activity that you have been postponing doing for one or another reason.

Search for interior décor inspiration online

The joy of moving into a new home can be overshadowed by the stress of planning a relocation. To stay focused on the positive sides of this change, visualise your new home. Start imagining different ways in which you can decorate it or arrange the furniture in it. Browse the web for some creative interior design ideas to inspire and motive yourself.

Enjoy a good run in your old neighbourhood

If there is something about your current residential area which you will really miss once you complete your move, do not hesitate to fully indulge in it. For instance, if you a big fan of your local pub, make it your mission to visit it as many times as you can before you pack and leave for good. If you happen to be a big fan of a nearby bakery, enjoy a carb-filled week. In that way, you will say a proper goodbye to your old neighbourhood.

Help others

There may a few things which you will decide not to take to your new home. An old desk, a few boxes of books, some clothes – whatever those items may be, if they are in a decent condition, donate them to people in need. As for the rest, use efficient rubbish removals in London. By doing so, your relocation will be more eco-friendly as professional waste collectors will thoroughly sort through your junk and send reusable and recyclable items to licensed recycling facilities.

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