Types of Housemates You Should Avoid

Living in London is quite expensive which is why many people choose to share an apartment or a house with someone else. Whether or not such an arrangement will work out for you or depends on:

  • Your personality and expectations;
  • The income that you get;
  • The property market trends in the city;

Most of all, however, your overall home sharing experience will also depend on the person or the people with whom you are planning to live. If you are about to move in together with someone else, either a stranger, a partner, a relative or just a good old friend, remember to watch out for a few key red flags about your house arrangement. There are a number of challenging types of housemates which you should avoid at all costs.

The party animal

A little party never killed nobody but when loud music, heavy alcohol drinking and wild parties are part of your flatmate’s daily routine, chances are that you may not like it… unless you are a party animal yourself. There is nothing wrong in inviting people over for some good time every now and then but if that happens every night, your performance at work and your sleep schedule will suffer a big blow even if you refuse to be part of those parties.


The hermit

The opposite of the party animal is the hermit and that is a person who incredibly introverted and quiet. They don’t like to go out and they prefer to spend all of their free time at home. That may not sound like a big problem to you but this means that you will never get the place for yourself not ever for a couple of hours. Also, hermit housemates are hard to get to know since they rarely engage in a conversation with those around them.

The endless excuser

It is human to forget to take out the rubbish or not to have enough time to do your cleaning chores. We all have such days or even weeks. But if your flatmate is never getting anything done around the house than you may be dealing with an endless excuser. They probably don’t do that on purpose but still, it is annoying. Some endless excusers are nothing more than opportunist or pro-bono individuals who simply take advantage of other people’s kindness. They are the type of housemates that will eat your food and have their partner live in the apartment without paying any rent. Don’t be surprised if you end up covering the entire cost of their thorough end of tenancy cleaning in London.

Before you determine whether or not your new housemate falls into any of the above-listed categories, give them some time. It takes a few weeks before two people really start to get to know each other. Also, it is important to be open-minded and to start your life in your new home on the right foot. Which is why you should not hesitate to book a team of reliable movers such as Removal Services London’s pros who offer effective house removal services in Bedford Park W4 and the rest of Greater London. And if you are happy with their service quality, keep their contact details in handy in case things don’t work out well between you and your flatmate.

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