Tips for Packing Heavy Items

Moving house is a task that comes with a lot of pitfalls and challenges. Among the riskiest of them is transporting heavy items of furniture and other personal assets that you have without damaging neither the items in question nor yourself in the process. Here we are going to give you a few tips on how you can manage that.

Several examples of heavy objects that you will have to handle during your house moving job include:

  • Appliances such as ovens, washing machine and fridges
  • Furniture – wardrobes, sofas, couches etc.
  • Your personal library

Feel free to contact your professional movers of choice in case you have any questions concerning how you should go around packing and moving your bulky objects. If you have a reliable house removal service in North Kensington W10, W11 or wherever you are based in Greater London by your side, there will be little to worry about. Pro movers will not only supply you will tips adjusted to the specs of your project but also direct assistance if you are indeed in trouble.

Planning is the key to success

Start off the preparation for moving heavy items by checking if you can dismantle the pieces in question. If the appliance or furniture piece you need to be moved can be disassembled into smaller, lighter parts, you will not have much trouble with packing, loading and transporting it. Just do not forget to take notice of the way you need to put everything together after you arrive at the new place. Any tiny parts such as bolts and screws need to be packed separately into a durable bag that you label so that you do not lose anything.

When it comes to books, the most sensible thing to do is to get several small, yet durable boxes, instead of trying to put everything in one or two big ones. In this way, your personal library will become much easier to transport. Boxes filled with too many heavy items are prone to breaking, causing unpleasant accidents and damage, and additionally, they are much harder to lift.

Know your strength

Proper lifting technique is of utmost importance if you want to move heavy items swiftly and safely. Protect your back by wearing an orthopaedic belt. Warm up before you attempt to do any heavy lifting. Use your knees instead of your back to move bulky objects. Those are the most common-sense and often repeated tips when it comes to such a line of work. But the most important thing to remember is that you simply have to know your limits. If a box or an item is just too heavy to carry on your own, then there is no shame to ask a friend or a family member for help. Book experienced domestic movers in London and they will have your back at all times too. It is much better to seek assistance than to risk an injury that will leave you incapacitated for God knows how long. Not to mention that injuries from lifting tend to stay with you for the rest of your life.

Caption: See if you can dismantle bulky furniture first for easier transportation

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