How Not to Lose Items When Moving Home

Relying on an insured moving company is a must when relocating to a new home. Using Removal Service London’s insured domestic removals in Belmont SM2, for instance, will guarantee that you will be fully reimbursed in case some of your items break or get lost during the moving process. But even if you are well-covered by your removals firm, you should make an extra effort to ensure that your possessions do not go missing in the midst of the chaos that comes with pretty much every house move. The most common reasons why people lose things when relocating feature:

  • Poor packing skills;
  • Underestimation of the importance of small details;
  • Lack of organisation;
  • Unlabelled moving boxes;

Your possessions are more likely to disappear as a direct result of one of the above-mentioned factors than to actually be stolen by someone. But you can minimise this possibility with just a few simple steps.

Make a list of everything

This may sound cliched but you must start your home relocation planning by making a thorough inventory list. That will help you to keep track of your possessions, as well as to estimate the approximate number of cardboard boxes that you will need and the size of the moving van. But this will not be the end of it as you should also make a list of all the packed boxes, describing each of the items you have put in each of the separate boxes. That sounds very boring and it is but this is the cost you will have to pay if you don’t want to risk losing some of your personal possessions.

Get Ziploc bags for the tiniest of your items

The smaller an item is, the easier it is to lose it. Therefore, if you have a lot of small decorations, jewellery or makeup products, put them in Ziploc bags before you pack them in a cardboard box. If you have disassembled some of your furniture pieces, you should put all nuts, bolts and other small parts in Ziploc bags.

Use quality packing materials

Empty moving boxesIt is not uncommon for moving boxes to get torn during their transit. That is even more true during long-distance house moves. But if you rely on professional packing supplies, such accidents will be less likely to happen. Avoid reusing old cardboard boxes and opt for a budget-friendly packing supply delivery from a trustworthy moving company operating in your area.

Label every single box

One of the most common mistakes that people who are moving home tend to make when packing is that they label only the boxes that contain fragile objects. Don’t make the same mistake and label all of your moving boxes by writing the room in which the box should go and a quick list of the items in it. Most importantly, however, you should also write your name and your contact details. In that way, if you forget the box on your front porch, for example, or if your possessions are transported to the wrong address, the people handling your packed belongings will be able to easily reach you.

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