Moving Tricks No One Will Tell You About

Are you worried about your upcoming home move? Do you think that you are not prepared enough for this very important transition in your life? Have you read everything there is to read on the topic of relocating from one house to another available on the World Wide Web? Well, one thing that we can say is that you never know everything on a single topic. That is why we have gathered a number of tips and tricks, along with useful facts about moving homes that are rarely mentioned in basic guides dedicated to this very important process.

Moving 101: the advanced version

AdviceEveryone is going to tell you that you need to start preparing for your domestic move well in advance and build a solid schedule that includes all major and minor tasks that need to be covered in the project. Additionally, you will have to hire dependable movers who will be by your side on every step, so that you have someone to fall back to when you need a hand or just a piece of advice tested in the field. What people rarely mention however is that finding a dependable relocation firm, especially in a big city such as London, is no longer a hard task. Thanks to the internet now you can send requests for quotes and other questions to literally every company operating in the city. No matter whether you are looking for a licensed removal service in Neasden or a student removal assistant in Lambeth, you will have an abundance of choices. The really hard part is picking up the right one. Three things to look out for in a contractor would be:

  • A proof that they are BAR licensed and insured
  • A quote that reflects the best quality for price ratio you can afford and hope for
  • Availability on your moving date

…and some additional tips

Other rarely spoken of tactics include:

  • Packing – when you purchase packing supplies such as boxes and bubble wrap you make estimates about the amount of material you are going to need. It is always better to purchase 10-15% more than your initial estimate, so that you are insured against the unpleasant scenario in which you run out of boxes before you actually finish the job.
  • The end of tenancy cleaning is something that you need to plan and prepare for well in advance. We know that you have a lot of other things on your mind, but if you want to get a refund on your rental deposit, you would like to take care of that task while there is still time.
  • Moving homes is a very stressful job. If you want to avoid the worst toll of it, you might want to think about ways to relax after everything is finished. Throwing a kick-ass housewarming party is a sure-proof way to do so. It would be a good occasion to have a few friends over to help you with the last stages of unpacking as well.

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