Moving Out of Rented Accommodations – Things to Know

If you are living in rented accommodations and plan on vacating them at any time in the near future, chances are that you will be faced with a lot of complications you have not thought about at first. Moving homes is a stressful enough matter so going through unnecessary headaches and problems is quite undesirable. This is why you should enter the whole ordeal prepared.

Read your contract carefully

Go through the stipulations made by the contract you have signed upon starting to live at the place of which you are soon planning to move out so that you are clear what your rights and obligations are. There are several things to be on the lookout for:

  • The notice – be certain how much time you need to inform your landlord that you are leaving.
  • The cleaning – tenant’s contracts usually clearly indicate whether the end of tenancy cleaning can be done by the tenant or a professional cleaning team needs to be hired. There can be some variations. For example, you may have to pay professionals for only certain tasks, such as carpet or upholstery sanitation.
  • Anything else – other obligations that you might have under the contract that your landlord has decided need to be included.

Remember that according to the law, all tenants in the UK have certain rights and enjoy privileges that cannot be negated by a lease-contract. Make sure that you have read about your rights through and through so that you do not void those.

Tips for a successful end of tenancy cleaning

One of the main objectives that you will probably have will be to guarantee the return of your security deposit. We are talking about a hefty amount of money you will certainly find use of, even if it is to pay the deposit on your next accommodations. In order to achieve that you might want to find a cheap end of tenancy cleaning in London that will help you deal with the challenge, even if you are not contractually obliged to hire professionals.

In case you can and want to handle the task on your own, there are a few simple rules to follow that will guarantee success. Make sure that the majority of your boxes and personal possessions as a whole are gone from the property before you start cleaning. Work methodically, moving from room to room only when you are done with the tasks at the one you are currently sanitising. Pay special attention to high traffic areas such as the kitchen, hallways, the carpets and upholstery, but do not neglect everything else either. Last but not least, be certain that you have the proper tools and detergents readily available in order to save yourself from wasting time running to the store several times.

Communication is the key, do not forget it

At any point that you are not certain about certain obligations that you need to fulfil, do not be afraid to ask your landlord or consult with a property agent. Or even your moving firm. Getting help from people with experience in such matters is preferable to simply messing things up at the last second.

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