How to: Moving Home in Cold Weather

If you have set the day of your move in the winter or in the autumn, you should get ready for the cold. Relocating in a cold weather is hard not only because you will have to spend a long time in freezing temperatures but also because it:

  • Requires some additional transportation preparations
  • Can make your home move more expensive
  • May damage some of your most valuable possessions

All of these problems can easily be avoided and you are about to find out how.

Keep your items warm

Some categories of items are incredibly sensitive to low temperatures, rain and snow. Such is the case with solid-wood furniture pieces, electronic appliances and plants. Therefore, when moving such items, make sure they are transported in heated vehicles. If you are planning to move with your personal car, keep the AC on. If you are planning to hire a moving van, choose one that is climate controlled. Also, when you pack your possessions, wrap the moving boxes in towels and blankets to insulate them from the cold outside.

Warm clothes instead of heaters

When you are loading and unloading the moving vehicle, you will need to make numerous trips from the house to the truck and back. You may even need to leave the front door open for a while when you are moving bulky appliances like your washing machine or your oven, for instance. As a result, you may feel like setting your heater on high-temperature mode. That, however, will be a mistake since it will not help you succeeded so much at warming your house but more at increasing your electricity bill. So, to stay warm rely more on hot tea and warm clothes than on a heater.

Be careful with your floors

House in the Winter SnowIf the cold weather on your moving day comes in combination with rain or snow, you will also need to take measures against messing up your floors. Put old towels, mats and rugs in front of the door and don’t forget to thoroughly wipe your feet every time you enter the house. If you book a whole team of certified movers, things will be even easier as one part of the team will work outside, loading the van, while the other will be inside, packing your belongings. Rely on time-efficient house removals in North End N8 and the moving specialists will arrive fully prepared for the job at hand.

Regularly check the forecast

Remember to keep an eye on the weather forecast every day on the week of your relocation. In that way, you will have enough time to prepare not only for the cold temperatures outside but also for the potential heavy rainfalls and snow blizzards. Snow, in particular, can slow down your entire moving home process if you fail to clear it out of your driveway in time. You must provide the moving company with an easy and safe access to your house and knowing what weather conditions to anticipate on the day of the relocation will help you to do that.

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