How to merge two households into one

You have finally decided to live with your significant other and get your own love nest. However, the amalgamation of two people’s belongings into one single property can be quite challenging, which is why the job requires patience, meticulously planning and compromises. If you have never moved-in with someone before, here are several pointers that will allow you to merge your household more easily.

Decided what you will be keeping

Sit down with your partner and talk about the items that you will be keeping at all cost. Discuss what the vision of the new household would be and which pieced of furniture will correspond to it. Examine all furnishings and decided which are in good condition and which can be sold or donated. Talk about possessions that you both cherish and which you must absolutely bring with you. Keep in mind that sometimes you will have different opinions about certain objects, which is when you must both be ready to make compromises. Forcing the issue will be contra-productive and will prolong the entire moving-in process.

Purge your belongings

Garage saleSet aside all the objects that you would be categorically bringing with you and start purging the remainder of your possessions by sorting them into five piles:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Sale
  • Recycle
  • Throw away

In the first pile, you should place only items, which you use regularly. Objects that you haven’t utilised in the last twelve months, should be placed in one of the others piles in dependence of their condition and value.

Organise a garbage sale

Spread the word around social media and your neighbourhood that you will be hosting a yard sale at a specific date. On D-day, arrange the items that you have chosen to sell throughout your property and get ready to haggle with potential customers. Ask for reasonable prices, especially if you are selling objects that both you and your partner have, as you don’t need them.

Hire professional movers

Know that you and your partner have decided what you will be taking with you, it is time to choose a moving date and book man and van contractors in advance, as they tend to have busy schedules, especially during spring and summer. You can use the revenue from your garbage sale to cover the bill for the domestic removal services in London.

Draw a floor plan

Floor PlanA week prior of your relocation, sit down with your significant other and draft a floor plan of your new household. Decided where the large furniture will go and then move on towards the position of the smaller pieces. This will facilitate the packing stage of your move, as you will be able to box everything up by room. It will also ease the unpacking process, as you will know what goes where as soon as it is brought within your new home or taken out of the box.

As you can see merging two households into one, isn’t as easy and straightforward as you may have initially thought but it isn’t an impossible task as well.

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