How to Stay Safe during Your Removal

Moving is a challenging experience for both your mind and your body. It can be emotionally exhausting but your body can also undergo a lot of stress caused by injuries if you don’t make your home safety-proofed on time. Here are a few tips on how to avoid injuries and carry out a safe removal, even if you hire a recognised house removals company in London.

Golden rules when packing

Packing is an important factor in your relocation. The safety of your belongings depends on how you pack them but it also has an impact on your safety. When packing, make sure that your boxes are not too heavy. The boxes should weight about 50 pounds tops. If you are unsure of a box’s weight, try lifting it. If you can pick it up without too much strain and you feel steady on your feet while doing it, then you are good to go. Just keep in mind that you might carry the boxes up or down the stairs or a long distance to the moving van.

Hire pros for moving special items

If you have any special, large and bulky items, you should consider hiring the best house removals in Bermondsey SE1, for example, because you will need assistance with:

  • Pianos
  • Valuable antiques
  • Chandeliers
  • Pool tables
  • Large appliances

Not only these pros have experience and knowledge of ensuring such items are moved safely and quickly, but they will save you time and effort, as well as help you avoid injuries when handling them.

You must have proper moving equipment

In order to stay safe and avoid injuries, as well as move and handle items easier and quicker, you need to rent or borrow equipment. Lifting heavy pieces of furniture or appliances can be fatal for your back. You will need a dolly for stacking and moving heavy boxes, appliances and other bulky items. Ropes and straps are also required for securing the load. Don’t forget ramps for moving loads down the stairs or into the moving van.

Check for hazardous obstacles

Inspect your property and the area that leads to your moving van for any dangerous spots, uneven surfaces, slippery areas and other obstacles that might cause injuries as you move your belongings out of your house.

Moving fashion – what not to wear

Moving day has arrived. You need to pay attention to what you will wear in order to avoid injuries and other issues related to the efficiency of your relocation. Avoid baggy and wide clothes. But don’t wear shirts and pants that are too tight also because your skin will need room to breathe. Also, make sure you have proper footwear on. Forget open-toed shoes, sandals and similar shoes. You need to wear something that will provide a good traction on all kinds of surfaces and support for your ankles.


Ask friends for help

The more, the merrier – this also goes for moving house. You need to have help for different moving tasks. Ask friends to help with packing, carrying boxes and items, loading, dismantling, directing and other.

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