How to Recognize the Symptoms of a Post-removal Depression

Removal and preparations for it can be stressful and overwhelming. You have so many things to do, so many tasks to complete and you have to plan each and every step of it. However, the same struggle continues even after your removal. One of the toughest challenges you face after you move is a post-removal depression. This is when you become anxious and sad for losing your old life and you are having trouble when facing new and strange things. It can be hard to cope with this kind of depression because you are surrounded by new environment, plus you are very tired and exhausted, you don’t know anybody, and you feel alone.

However, some people fail to recognize the signs of depression (consider it a part of the things to not do when you move). This is something you should definitely pay attention to because consequences can be serious if you don’t seek for help on time. Perhaps you should talk to someone if you have some of the following symptoms.

You sleep too much

Sure, you feel tired after the move and unpacking all those items. A lack of sleep will make you feel exhausted. Feeling sleepy and tired is perfectly normal for couple of days. But if you continue to feel sleepy and if sleeping for 12 hours still doesn’t make you feel better, you might be experiencing a depression. So, if you wake up tired and you don’t have energy to complete simplest tasks, this means trouble. If this symptom appears, don’t ignore it. Perhaps you should think about it and find a way to be more active so that your body energize a bit.

You feel indifferent

DepressionNot being interested in things, people, events and other is a sign that something’s wrong. Sure, you might feel indifferent because of the exhaustion caused by removal but this might hold on to you for a few days. And if you continue to show no interest for anything for weeks or months, there’s something definitely wrong. Most people feel the need to explore the new city, new neighborhood and enjoy it. So, feeling indifferent for some time might be a sign of a post-removal depression.

You don’t want to go out

Most people are excited about exploring their new environment and meeting new people. It might take some time before you actually decide the time for that has come, but eventually you will feel a desire to get to know your new neighborhood and neighbors. This is the period when you miss your old life and friends, and familiar environment. However, if you don’t feel like going out and even taking a walk to the park, you might be experiencing a post-removal depression. Don’t ignore this sign either.

In order to avoid depression after your removal, it is best to take it easy and give yourself enough time for unpacking and decorating in order to feel comfortable in your new house. And then, after you become surrounded by items that are familiar to you, you might feel a bit more connected with it. And don’t expect to adjust to your new life and environment after few days. The adjustment process might take for months so be patient and be positive.

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