How to Plan Your Upcoming Office Relocation?

Relocating your business is a complex process that requires careful planning, proper organisation and employee dedication. Such a huge project can only be successful if the communication with the staff is open and frequent and if each employee is assigned specific tasks. In order to make your office relocation as stressful as possible, here are a few tips to follow.

Time management

People often assume that they have enough time when moving house or office. However, the key is to start with preparing, packing and other moving tasks as early as possible. You can:

  • Make a timeline of all moving stage
  • Ensure your schedule is practical
  • Get everyone involved
  • Take 3 months for preparing a small office for removal
  • Take 6 months for relocating a larger business

As long as you remain realistic about the amount of time you have, you are good to go.

Set a moving budget

Before you even consider hiring unmatched business removals in London or packing office chairs, creating a moving budget should be your first step in planning your business move. It will give you an insight of what the true cost of your move will be and how to save money. Therefore, calculate your costs, create a budget and stick to it.

The new office layout

Next step is to prepare your new office space for moving in. According to basic space components, such as storage, electrical outlets and other, design the space and improve it if necessary by taking your current space and its issues into consideration. Perhaps you want a smaller reception, more cubicles, new office furniture that will fit, etc. This will give you a clear idea of what your new office space will look like.

Motivate your team

If you run a larger business, you can appoint managers of each department to organise their areas, which will ensure each employee takes their responsibilities seriously. They can pack their own desk and personal items. If you have a smaller office, you can get a few people to help you with coordinating the move. In both instances, it is important to motivate your team by:

  • keeping them informed
  • addressing their concerns
  • discussing progress, etc.

Hire professional movers

One of the most important tasks of moving your business is hiring the right movers. Whether you are moving house with the help of certified house removals in Canonbury N1 or your office locally or long-distance, it is crucial that the company you hire is reliable, experienced and will provide you the best service for the cost. Make sure you are well informed about the services, insurance, additional costs, etc.

Who to notify?

Your clients and suppliers should be informed about your relocation in a timely fashion. It is important that your clients and customers know how the business will operate during the move. Let them know about your new location and other information that might affect your communication with them by sending out a formal letter or an email. You can appoint one employee to contact the bank, insurance companies, service providers, government agencies and other. Also, make sure your social media accounts are updated.

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