How to Meet New People After a Long-Distance Move?

The period following immediately after a long-distance home relocation can make you feel quite lonely and isolated, especially if you have moved to a place where you barely know someone. But instead of giving in to such melancholic emotions, you must use them as your fuel. Even if you are not the social type, you need to get out there and meet new people. But where can you find them? We have a few ideas in mind:

  • Invite your neighbours to your housewarming party
  • Use social media to seek for potential new friends
  • Go out for a drink and a bite regularly
  • Check out the events in your area
  • Become a proud owner of a dog

No matter how shy or introverted you are, if you try out even just one or two of these tips, you will make new friends in your new city in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Host a more inclusive housewarming party

The guest list of a typical moving-in party usually consists of your close friends, relatives and sometimes a few co-workers. Time to shake things up a bit by also inviting your neighbours to the event. If you have a wild and noisy buddy or an annoying and nosy aunt, you may organise a separate housewarming party for your next-door neighbours. In that way, you will avoid embarrassing situations.

Find likeminded locals via social media websites

Consider yourself lucky if you have found neighbours you truly like and view as potential new friends. That does not happen often. But do not worry because you can always use social media platforms to meet locals that have similar interests to yours. Join groups, engage in online discussions and you may stumble upon a new bestie.

Hang out at the places where locals hang out

You may not know a single soul in your neighbourhood but this does not mean that you should live like a hermit. Instead of staring at your laptop at home, you can stare at your laptop in a local café. Make a habit out of eating out a couple of days a week and whenever you feel like having a cold ale after a long day at the office, enjoy it at a nearby pub or bar. That is one of the best ways to meet new people.

Don’t shy away from local events

An art gallery opening, a music gig on the street or a book signing – pick a local event and go to it. It does not need to be something you feel particularly passionate about but if you want to make friends with likeminded people, choose your events more strategically.

Get yourself a dog

You have always wanted a dog? Now is the best time to get one. It will help you chase away the feeling of loneliness both when you are at home and when you are outside. You will have a furry friend to keep you company and plenty of people who would want to pet it and chat with you about your cute pet.

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