Fun Moving Announcement Ideas You Can Use

So, you are moving home? Hopefully, you are now on the very last leg of this challenging ordeal and you have hired a trustworthy moving company that can provide you with a thorough end of tenancy cleaning service in London and quickly claim your tenancy deposit back for you. Another step that you should not forget to take towards the end of your relocation process is to make a moving announcement. It does not have to be anything formal or expensive. You do not even need to follow the traditions. As a matter of fact, it is preferable to steer clear from the good old traditions and to make this seemingly trivial and boring part of your move more exciting and creative. Think of your moving announcement as the grand finale of your relocation! To mark it you can:

  • Send out classic cards or notes

  • Hold a party for your friends and family

  • Shoot a video announcement

  • Use some modern-day technological solutions

  • Give rein to your creativity

When should you make your moving announcement

Before we move on to our moving announcement ideas, we feel like we need to answer one frequently asked question – should you tell your friends and family that you are moving before, during or after your relocation. Rule out the second option – during the move. This is the time when you will be incredibly busy and a moving announcement will be the last thing on your mind. The same is often true prior the relocation itself unless you are using all-around home removal services in North Ockendon RM14 or any other London area. That leaves us to the third and last option – share the big news after you have wrapped up your move.

Pictured: A moving announcement print


Organise a party

Can you think of a better way to tell the world that you are moving to a new home than a big party? Whether it is a going away or a housewarming event, it does not really manner as long as your nears and dears are with you.

Do it the old-fashioned way

If you are the type of person who still likes to send handwritten birthday cards and notes, you should probably stick to a more traditional moving announcement. There are plenty of interesting and quirky announcement cards and prints out there which you can use for the occasion.

Make the announcement more visual

Take your friends and family by surprise by sending them a video announcement. That is an excellent idea if you cannot afford to hold a big farewell or housewarming party or if you have a lot of friends and relatives who are living far away from your current city or country of residence.

Get creative

Who does not love a personalised and crafty gift? That’s right – announce that you are relocating by sending out small personalised presents or souvenirs to your close ones. A photo collage or a fridge magnet – it could be anything. Just keep in mind that this type of a moving announcement should be reserved only for your closest family and friends.

Embrace the 21st century

Moving home might have been a huge deal a few decades ago but these days it is just a small formality. So, if you do not want to make a big fuss out of it, you can send a quick email to your contacts or to just post a quick status update on your personal social media account.

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