Five key suburban locations in Kingston upon Thames

Kingston upon Thames is a territory in the southwest part of the English capital that has the status of a Royal Borough. Recognised as one of the best places to live in London at the present moment, Kingston has population of 173 500. There are well over a dozen really nice districts here, but we will focus our attention on five of the best among them.

The mix of high-rise and suburban architecture

The district of Norbiton KT1, KT2 is definitely among the best known locations that are currently forming part of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. The majority of the houses here are from the Victorian and Edwardian times, though there are newer high-rise developments as well. The simple fact that the historic architecture here in Norbiton is being taken care of very well contributes greatly to the overall appeal of the area. Among other things, Norbiton is so attractive because of the very good transport links to Central London that the area enjoys. For example, it will take you no more than 25 minutes to reach Waterloo station by train from here. The nearest railway stations are as follows:

  • Norbiton railway station
  • Kingston railway station
  • Berrylands railway station
  • New Malden railway station

Two examples of typical suburbia

Kingston is actually located right next to the border of the Greater London area, and it is only logical to expect that here one is going to find several pretty fine suburban developments. The concept of suburbia is relatively new and still it has become an integral part of modern society. Especially in cases when you have a family, you would want to live in a comfortable and relatively quiet place, away from the hassle and stress of the big spawning city. Well, places such as Berrylands and New Malden would be very much up to your requirements and maybe would even surpass them.

St James, New MaldenNew Malden is located a little over 15 kilometres away from Charing Cross. The district was established after the arrival of the railway in these parts of Greater London which happened in 1841, and consists almost entirely of terraced houses spread along tree-lined streets. Among other things, New Malden is known for being home to a rather substantial Korean community – actually one of the largest in London at the present moment.

Another place we would like to bring your attention to here in that respect is Berrylands. In addition to its residential portions, Berrylands enjoy a rather substantial residential portion concentrated around the main streets here – Alexandra Drive, Berrylands Road and Chiltern Drive.

The good news is that if you choose to relocate to any of these places at a certain point, you will not have trouble finding dependable house removal services in Berrylands, or even last-minute booking home moving solutions in New Malden. Trusted movers will help you move to your dream house in no time.

Some additional offers

The Shy Horse, Malden RushettThe Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames contains several other great residential areas of note as well. Malden Rushett KT9 is one of those. It is a small village right on the border of Greater London and one of the most geographically isolated suburbs of London today. The good thing about Malden Rushett is that a large portion of it is within the London Green Belt, which means that the original character and spirit of the area is set to be preserved untainted.

Motspur Park KT3 is the last place that we would like you to consider. Locally referred to as West Barnet, to a large extent it owns its identity to the local railway station that goes by the same name. The majority of the district was developed in the years immediately before the First World War. In addition to being a really great area to live in, Motspur Park has a tight connection to a variety of sports. For example the Fulham football club training ground is located here. BBC F.C. sports club ground, Old Blue’s rugby club playing field and King’s College School sports ground, among other similar developments are also located in the area of Motspur Park.

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