Final Countdown – The Day Before the Big Move

As a general rule, the planning of a domestic move needs to kick off at least two months before the big day. That is when you should start researching removal companies and decluttering your home. The packing process, on the other hand, is best to start one month prior to the move and so on and so forth. But what are you supposed to do one the day before the moving day? Hopefully by that time you have already prepped almost all of your possessions for the road, found the right movers for your needs, contacted your utility providers and have completed other such big and very important tasks. That, however, does not mean that you should do nothing during the 24 hours before the big move. There are still a few key things you need to take care of such as:

  • Packing an essentials kit
  • Prepping a snack box
  • Disconnecting your appliances
  • Saying goodbye to your neighbours
  • Checking in with the movers one last time
  • Finding time to rest and relax

The following pieces of advice can be used by people who plan to move alone or with professional assistance, as well as by both families and businesses. The latter includes companies that have opted to use reliable business removals in London. Simply said, this pre-relocation day guide is quite universal!

Wrap up with the packing

On the day before the move, you need to finish packing. See if all the boxes are properly labelled and go through every nook and cranny in your home to check if you have forgotten to wrap anything. Most importantly, this is the time when you also need to prepare your open-first box. It should contain essentials such as toiletries, documents, phone chargers, keys, cutlery, bed sheets, etc.

Make some snacks

The day of the relocation is usually quite lengthy. So, if you think that you will have the time to squeeze in a quick lunch at a local pub, think again. Play it safe and prep some snacks for your family (especially if you have children). You can also make a few sandwiches for the movers too and get a few extra bottles of water for them. They will appreciate your consideration.

Check in with the moving company again

Just to make sure that everything is ok and to confirm your moving day schedule, call the removals company on the day before the relocation. That will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises later.

Disconnect your appliances

If you are planning to take some of your household appliances, now is the time to get them ready for the road. Disconnect your oven, drain your washing machine, defrost your refrigerator… Do not leave any of these tasks for tomorrow.

Say goodbye to your neighbours

Even if you have hosted and farewell party earlier this week, quickly stop by your neighbours’ home to say goodbye. You do not need to bring them food or to do anything special or formal.

Go to bed early

As it was already mentioned earlier, the day of the relocation will be a long and tiring one. Therefore, avoid consuming alcohol, overeating or going to bed late on the day before your house move. You need to be as fresh as a daisy. So, find some time to rest, relax and recharge.

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