Ensuring a Smooth Key Handover When Moving

An average home move consists of various stages and processes among which is planning, decluttering, packing, moving van loading, transit, etc. But there is one tiny detail that comes with every relocation and it is often overlooked – the key handover. If you don’t plan this step thoroughly, you may find yourself in some quite unpleasant and embarrassing situations. For instance, imagine that you have hired top-notch house removal services in North Harrow HA1, HA2 and the movers have already transported all of your possessions to your new home but you have no keys and you cannot let them in. Sounds like a nightmare which is why such hiccups need to be avoided. When planning the key handover process you need to think about several things:

  • The buyers or the real estate agents to whom you need to give the key to your old home
  • The team of professional movers that you have hired (presuming you have done that)
  • Some standard practices related to the completion day
  • The packing of your possessions

These are the factors that will play a vital role in the exchanging process.

Handing over your old keys

No matter whether you need to give your keys to a landlord, a buyer or a real estate agent, it is always advisable to set a specific hour at which you can do the handover. Schedule the meeting for a time after the movers have already loaded the moving vehicle. In that way, you will not be surprised by an early visit from the new owners of the property or your former landlord.

Ensure the move is going according to schedule

Once you set up an hour for the key handover, you need to do your very best to avoid any kinds of delays during the move. To make that possible, all your possessions and furniture must be packed and ready for loading on the day prior to the relocation. If you are pressed by time, you can rely on professional assistance for the handling and transportation of bulkier items. One great such solution is to use hassle-free furniture collection in London. Whatever you do, do not leave any tasks for the last minute and see if your movers will be able to pre-load some of your possessions in advance. Not all moving companies are willing to do that but if you rely on Removal Services London’s organised household removals in Nags Head N7, for instance, such requests from you should not be a problem. On the moving day itself, start loading the transit vehicle early in the morning so that you can be finished by some time in the afternoon at the latest.

Getting the keys to your new home

Aside from handing over your old keys, you will also need to get the keys to your new house or flat. This, however, can be done only after completion. This means that, by law, you won’t get any access to your newly-purchased or rented home until a money or rent transfer has been done. If this is something that you have decided to do through a solicitor or a mortgage provider, there may be some unexpected delays as it usually takes some time for all the documentation to be properly filled out. Therefore, try to arrange your completion day before your moving day. Once the money transfer has been completed and accounted for, you can go and get your new keys.

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