The classiest places to live in London are in Westminster

At the current moment London is one of the biggest cities in Europe. The capital of England is divided into 32 distinct areas known as Boroughs, in addition to the City of London. Westminster, another historical area that is closely related to the development and culture of the metropolis, also has the status of a City. Namely here one can find some of the finest residential districts of London. Those places, though traditionally pretty expensive, are also great for anyone who is looking for a comfortable, classy and well-developed area to move in. Here we are going to check out four of those places.


When talking about class and beauty, the West London district of Belgravia has nearly no match. Before you start looking for reliable removal services in Belgravia SW1 you might want to take a stroll along its streets. We are more or less certain that you are going to be fascinated by what you see. The majority of the housing here is owned by the Duke of Westminster’s Grosvenor Group, a family property company that currently manages the Grosvenor Estate. Belgravia lies to the south west of Buckingham Palace and offers quick and easy access to literally every point in Central London, which is always a good thing. Upper Belgrave StreetBelgravia is particularly well regarded for its garden squares. Belgrave Square is one of those. It is the largest and oldest of the 19th century garden squares that define the character of some of the best parts of London. The Eaton Estate is another fine place here that contains some of the best properties in West London at the current moment. Upper Belgrave Street is a wide residential street where one can marvel at some of the finest stuccoed houses in London. There are many other great places all across Belgravia that are going to capture your imagination and make you fall in love with the district. An integral part of the culture and history of London, Belgravia has also been featured frequently on film and television as well as in works of literature. Some of the best known examples include the television programme Sherlock, the popular sitcom Upstairs, Downstairs, and of course Evelyn Waugh’s novel Brideshead Revisited.


According to the statistics gathered by some of the best removal experts in Marylebone W1, the district in question is another really popular location in London. The area is really affluent in character, which comes as no surprise. The boundaries of the area are defined by Oxford Street to the south, Marylebone Road to the north, Edgware Road to the west and Great Portland Street to the east. The former village has become a thriving urban centre that includes some of the best known features of the capital, including but not limited to:

  • Madame Tussaud’s
  • Marylebone High Street
  • Regent’s Park
  • Baker Street
  • Hyde Park
  • Marble Arch
  • Broadcasting House


Handel House MuseumMoving along Westminster, you will come along the district of Mayfair, which had already become home to the upper class of London by the 18th century. Today the district is heavily commercialised, which means that here you are going to find shops and boutiques, as well as many tourists who come for the fine restaurants and landmarks in Mayfair, including The Fine Art Society gallery, Faraday Museum, Handel House Museum and many others. If you like being in the middle of all the action, then you will feel very much at home in Mayfair.


The last district that we would like to bring your attention to is Millbank. Lying right next to the River Thames, it is home to popular landmarks and institutions such as Tate Modern and the Millbank Tower. One thing that you should make up your mind about is the fact that if you choose to live in Central London, especially in Westminster, you will not get rid of the tourists. Part of the district is designated as a conservation area because of its prominent historic architecture that encapsulates the spirit of old time London in a very nice way. Millbank Millennium Pier is a modern feature on the Thames that adds up to the character of the area.

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