Awesome districts in Merton that start with an ‘M’

The London Borough of Merton was created with the amalgamation of the municipal boroughs of Mitcham and Wimbledon and the urban districts of Merton and Morden. Today, the area spreads over 14.52 square miles and sits in the south western parts of the English capital. The last census shows that Merton has an estimate population of 205.000 people. The borough is the location of some of the most popular parklands, landmarks, monuments, entertainment venues and neighbourhoods in London.

The beautiful neighbourhood of Mitcham

Mitcham Public LibraryThe district of Mitcham, CR4, is situated in the southeastern parts of Merton at approximately seven miles from the famous intersection of Charing Cross. It has a population of over 60.000 people. The area is home to a number of notable edifices such as:

  • The Canons
  • Eagle House
  • Mitcham Common Windmill
  • The Tate Almshouses
  • Mitcham Public Library
  • Mitcham Court
  • The White House
  • Barnabas Church
  • Mitcham Methodist Church

The district is linked to the other parts of the English capital by two train stations: Mitcham Eastfields and Mitcham Junction. Aside of the rail links, the area is also served by a number of bus routes that pass through it frequently. Newcomers can easily relocate to the neighbourhoods by using professional house removal services in Mitcham. By choosing to hire movers, people have the peace of mind that all their belongings will be properly packed, loaded and hauled.

Morden, SM4, is an area that lies in the southern parts of the borough in close proximity to the district of Wimbledon. According to the latest numbers, it is home to a population of about 48.000 people. The area is the location of the Baitul Futuh Mosque, which is one of London’s most distinguishable religious edifices. The mosque was complete in 2003 and comprises of 4.500 prayer halls with a total capacity of 10.000 people. The building has two minarets, of which one is 35 metres tall and the other is 25.5 metre high. It also has a dome with an outer diameter of 23 metres. Other prominent local landmarks are the Morden Hall Park, St. Lawrence Church, Morden Park and the Morden Baptist Church. Morden has its own tube station, which was opened during the mid-1920s. It sits on the Northern Line from the London Underground and serves over ten million passengers on an annual basis.

Motspur Park ShopsThe suburb of Motspur Park, KT3, is also known as West Barnes. It is located on the western boundary of the borough that separates it from the adjacent Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. The area has a population of approximately 10.000 people and during the years has been the home of several notable people such as Nigel Winterburn, George Clinton, Caitlin Thomas and more. The district is the location of the Fulham Football Club training centre. The sporting venue dates back to the late 1920s when it was constructed to be used as an athletics stadium by the University of London. The club acquired the training grounds in 1999 and since the suburb has become extremely popular among football aficionados. Moving to the area is very easy as Removal Services London who are known to provide reliable and cost effective home removal options in Motspur Park, which makes moving to the area a simple and straightforward task as professional packers and careers do all the preparation and heavy lifting.

Merton Park and its rich historical heritage

Merton Park, SW19, is situated at about seven miles from the junction of Charing Cross in the central parts of the borough. The area was once part of the historic parish of Merton and today, has a population of almost 9.500 people. The local authorities classify a section of the district as a conservation area. Most of the local building date back to the 1920s and 1930s, and some of them as listed structures. Merton Park unlike other neighbourhoods is the location of any major landmarks, edifices or monuments. This makes it one of the desirable residential areas in the borough as it lacks any major landmarks and places of interest. The district is connected to the other parts of the English capital by numerous bus routes that pass throughout periodically. The nearest rail links are located in the adjacent neighbourhoods.

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