Advanced Packing Techniques

One of the main priorities that every single one of us has when moving homes is to protect the integrity of our goods during the transportation. Dents, or even breaking of the furniture, appliances and personal items that we bring along to the new place are quite undesirable and most certain way to prevent them is through proper packing. Here are some pro tips that will not only make your packing procedure more efficient, but they will also reduce the overall price too.

It all comes down to preparation

Piled-up moving boxesWhen you know what to expect and have the right tools and supplies, you need not worry about problems that might arise during the time you back your boxes and crates. First and foremost, make sure that you have signed up the right moving company to help you with your full house removal in Beddington or any other place in London that you might happen to be based at. The skilful movers that are by your side will inevitably be of assistance if you need a hand with packing your goods, or have any questions whatsoever about the manner in which the job is to be conducted. Then again, you will be able to purchase high quality packing supplies on a reduced price from them too. Saving money off your removal should not come on the expense of the quality of the experience, after all.

One thing that you need to remember when purchasing boxes, bubble wrap and packing supplies is that you need to get at least 10% more of everything than you have initially estimated. Mistakes in calculations happen all the time, and it is better to have a couple of boxes to spare at the end of the day than to run out at a crucial moment.

The size and type of boxes you need will depend on the type of goods that you will be putting in them. For example, large, not so durable boxes are suitable for packing pillows and other bulky, yet light items. Books on the other hand are best packed in small, double walled boxes. If you are not sure what to get, again, do not be shy to ask your movers for advice.

When you have to start packing

Some of the most crucial things that you need to have in mind once you actually start putting your things into boxes include:

  • You will be able to reduce the stress of the endeavour if you give yourself enough time to tackle the job without rushing – two weeks for a moderately sized property would be good enough.
  • Work a room at a time – pack all items in one room before moving to the rest.
  • Working from the inside towards the outside of the house is the best strategy
  • Leave the packed boxes in the room the items belong to until the movers come to load them on the van/lorry
  • Label every box with its contents in a clear and visible way.

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